A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Deep under the tumultuous halls of Hope's Peak Academy during the beginning stages of The Tragedy, a teenage girl by the name of Ryouko Otonashi finds herself in an elaborate maze of despair. She has no idea how she got there, as she can only remember what's happened in the last few minutes due to her short and long term memory loss.

She uses her notebook as her memory, recording her life's events to recall them later. However, she has awoken to find her notebook has pages missing! She will need to collect them if she wishes to find her way out...

Her work is cut out for her... but she will soon find she is not alone in the depths of the academy, and she is not safe...

She will need to keep her wits about her, collect her lost pages, and get through locked doors to reach the end, but only if Despair does not overcome her first...

Developer's note:

This project began from a simple idea I had while thinking about wanting to make a scary game that's a little different from what's out there.

From the beginning, I wanted a game that was accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they knew anything about Danganronpa. I hope I succeeded in creating that.

This game is simply a demo of a larger concept I'd like to build on, and this particular game may never be completed. That said, I hope you enjoy it, Danganronpa fan or not.

Install instructions

Just download the zip, unpack it somewhere and click DR0.exe to play!


-This game DOES NOT support a controller (natively)

-Use Space to skip the first two screens, and Backspace to skip the intro cutscene (after you've watched them first!!! Please watch my Monokuma Theater... ;_;)

-I'm interested in feedback on the controls... I decided on tank controls, because I felt they suited this style of game better. So, you've got:

-WASD moves forward, back, turn left, turn right
-Mouse moves Ryouko's head
-Shift is run
-E is interact (open doors)
-P is pause
-Escape returns to the main menu

-The Mac version is 100% UNTESTED. I don't have a Mac to test it on, so if you download it, let me know if you can't get it to work. I'll take it down if it's totally broken.

UPDATE: From what I've heard, the Mac version is playable for some, not so much for others. I recommend downloading for Mac if the ONLY option you have is Mac, but if you have a Windows PC available, I highly recommend playing on that.

-Graphics options! The "Good" setting is recommended, and should work on most newer computers. "Beautiful" just has anti-aliasing added, and will look a little nicer, but your computer may not be able to handle it.
Now, the first two settings, "Fastest" and "Fast" are going to look WEIRD. The game will be considerably BRIGHTER due to lighting being disabled in these modes. I only recommend this if your computer absolutely cannot run the other settings. Otherwise, maybe check it out just because it's kind of an interesting look...

-Let me know if you need help over at deadchanneldevblog.tumblr.com!


DR0.zip 92 MB
DR0_Mac.zip 95 MB